Mission Statement


Plot 92, 93, 98 and 99
Light Industrial Area
Sg. Bera, Seria KB1933
Telephone: +673 3336808
Fax: +673 3336807


The company's mission is to engage in various businesses providing quality, efficient, competitive service and, above all, safe working conditions to all our business partners in the oil and gas industry.

The company aims to satisfy customers' needs by providing effective operational control procedures in the design, scheduling, purchasing, and quality control to attain efficiency in the industry.
To be competitive the company will recruit the most highly skilled, specialist engineers and to invest in the latest technological instruments. The company will aim to be cost effective by studying the efficiency and cost/benefit of the equipment it purchases and a good system of effective accounting will be implemented for cost, budget and profit planning & management.
We take our relationship with our customers and the community seriously and will take all necessary health and safety precautions while performing our tasks and contribute to the community by providing services or assistance when required.
The growth of the company will be focused on our profitability based on our ability to provide efficient technical services to satisfy customers' needs.

To achieve continuous growth and success in the various business areas, the company will provide extensive training and as well as opportunities for personal development to all its employees. The company will also expand by diversification or development of new products. The company's philosophy is to ensure that priority is given to Brunei nationals for recruitment, training and personal development.

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